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ats_awards a place for honouring and showing your appreciation for Angel icon makers. The show may be over but it's these fans that help the memory live on- show your support and nominate :) Feel free to nominate as many awards as you would like. You'll need the name of the icon maker, the icon URL and the category you're nominating the icon for. Let the person know you've nominated them and share the love <3 You can even nominate your own icons. Nominations run Monday-Friday with voting on weekends. You can nominate icons as many times as you want, but once an icon has won it cannot be entered again. Feel free to promote other communities but only within nomination posts. Please don't take any icons you see here for use until you've visited the icon maker's personal journal and okay-ed it with them. More questions? Comment to a mod post :)

Find an icon you like, choose the category and nominate in a new post :) Please don't nominate icons that have won previously. It is at the mod's descretion to move an icon if they deem it fits better into another category

Rules for voting:
No voting for your own icons- it's tacky. You may only vote once. You can only vote between Friday and Sunday.

01. City of...- Best overall icon. An icon you think has great well... everything :)
02. Snack Break- Best shipper icon. Focusing on a couple.
03. Shanshu Prophecy- great use of text.
04. Game Face- Actor and Actress icons outside their Angel roles.
05. Smile Time- humour/funny/lighter icons.
06. I Fall to Pieces- best cropping in an icon.
07. Over the Rainbow- best colouring in an icon.
08. War Zone- Black and white or mostly black and white icons.

Current winners:

city of...
- icon by mouthfullofdust
snack break
- icon by brokenharlequin
shanshu propechy
- icon by misstress_tink
game face
- icon by brokenharlequin
I fall to pieces
- icon by juliet42
smile time
- icon by mouthfullofdust
over the rainbow
- icon by juliet42
war zone
- icon by nightcomes

--- Want to? Comment to any mod post :)